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5.3.07 18:16

Which Random And Possibly Funny Quotation Are You?

Well aren't you the greedy one... you're really out to get us all aren't you during a game of monopoly you told your friend "If you sell me your soul we'll forget about the $9000 you owe me..." Wow... you're a little evil aren't you?
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are u birds? xD
27.12.06 00:39


so, damit will ich mal den dezember-2006-test-marathon beenden, wollt ja eigentlich nur einen (test) machen, aber dann waren da so viele interessante und wenn ich einmal anfang,... *-* xDD~

und wiedermal hab ich es nicht geschafft einen grundgedanken beizubehalten XD das hier soll eigentlich nur ne datenbank für meine anime und manga sein U___U

nja.... egaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal, so binsch halt xD
22.12.06 19:30

What's your way to escape reality? What's your salvation?

Music is your salvation. Listening to songs is your way to escape reality. You have an amazing character but you don't know how to show it, actually you don't care if people know this or not. You look for artists who can say how you feel. You appreciate the beauty you see in the little things in life.~~Just me and my obsession~~
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20.12.06 17:16

What is your way to ultimate happiness?

Creativity. You are different from any one else, you find your happiness when your mind works, you like things that make you wonder, and because you like to watch how things work some say you are shy or unsociable, don't listen to them, people like you are rare.
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22.12.06 19:10

What is the center of your dark core?

Your dark side is centered around Pain. You feel you want to scream and cry, want to leave this place and run away from everything but you can't, you are trapped inside your head and there is no way out. All you want is a beautiful unique mind just like you, can listen and understand so you can full your world with happiness and peace. You will find what you want when you simplify your life and stop looking to the dark side.
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kommt mir das nur so vor, oder sagt dieser test ich mach mir mein leben zu kompliziert? O__o
aber das bild is cool ne? *-* da sind ganz viele toller bilder bei den ergebnissen x3

*listening to: No Doubt - In My Head*
"I tried to think about rainbows
When it gets bad
You got to think about something
To keep from going mad " *sing*
22.12.06 18:53

Why are you still single?

You are still single because you are too day dream person, you want to love someone like in fairy tales, you think love is all about passion and romance, but guess what, it doesn't happen in real life, but if it happens you gotta know you are very lucky, you always look for a long term relationship that may scare your partner, try not to be so close and they will come to you.
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das ist ja wohl mal der dümmste ratschlag EVER xD~
halte abstand damit sie näher kommen, ah, fu xD~~~
sorry, aber ich will keine beziehung nur um ne beziehung zu haben *kopfschüttel* xD

Where will you find love?

Night club, blind date, football game, with you it could be any where, your very energitic, get bored a lot that is why you need some one like you, someone has the same interests as you, you will find them in places people who think like you gather, well, the question now how do you think? just kidding.
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*dazueditier* einfach göttlich :3
ich nehm einfach was mir grad über den weg läuft, nit? xDD
22.12.06 18:34

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