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Why you were born? What do you seek in life? What is the reason behind your existence?

You seek pleasure. you like to enjoy every minute of your life and some how you found a way to do so, i'm not going to say you are shallow but you tend not to complicate things, you believe that life is simple and the glass is always half full, generally it is a very good and a healthy way to be optimistic but don't go so far so you don't waste your life don't know why you are here. try to look deeper inside you, you might know. You are best at jobs needs a sociable, creative person like you, such as painters, writers,.....
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tzz.. halb voll, halb leer.. is doch scheiß egal, hauptsache was drin XD
22.12.06 18:10

What Type of Killer Are You?

You are a maniac killer.
It doesn't matter who they are and what they have or haven't done. You still want to kill them. And for a simple reason only; it's fun. Seeing people in pain is like ecstasy. Maybe you have some sort of mental problems or you are this way because of previous deep scars, only you know. But now you are sadistic and maybe you only like to see a special group of people be in pain (e.g. preps). However you are not the most social person in the bunch and people think you are weird. That bothers you somewhat but atleast you can entertain yourself with daydreaming about killing them. After all, they have no idea what's coming.

Main weapon: Explosives and torture equpiment
Quote:"Insanity: a perfect rational adjustment to an insane world" - R.D. Lang
Facial expression: Wicked smile
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22.12.06 17:12

What Power is Compatible With You?

Your power is: Telekinesis

This power of yours means that you can make material things move, like for e.g. making the remote control fly over you just by thinking it. As all powers, this is a great gift to have. It is also helping you out since it allows you to be lazy and have things brought to you without moving a finger. But if you move over to the immoral side this power can be used as destroying peoples property or similar things.
As a person you are easy going and just like to have a good time. There is nothing wrong with that, but people may see you as incredibly lazy and irresponsible. You prefer being out watching a movie or something than staying home and doing the math assignment. Your outlook is fairly positive but you are aware everything isn't as nice as you'd like it to be. But this doesn't stop you and even if you can be sensitive, you get over things pretty quickly. In school you could be considered as the fun one among your friends and could get along with different categories of people fairly easy. You mean no intentional harm on those around you, but some people may think you're too happy and/or stupid.
Negative aspects:
Because you don't like to have things depending on you, this power may be seen as just something cool you have, and not as a helping gift. Also you can get too egotistical at times without bothering to care for others. That is why it's good to do some self-reflecting every once in a while to see that you're not going overboard.

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ich bin doch net faul |D
22.12.06 17:33

What wise quote fits you?

Your wise quote is:
"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months" by Oscar Wilde.
You are a very sarcastic person with a sharp tongue. You may not be the one always talking, but your mind is nevertheless critizing. You tend to have a cynical view on life itself and be somewhat withdrawn with who you really are. Society now is in your eyes corrupted and you wonder how the world will survive. And people are in your mind very ignorant and blind to the reality.
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20.12.06 17:29

How do you connect with Pain?

You connect with pain mentally, your mind analyizes every thing around you, your brain never stops even when you are sleeping, that is why you usually have headaches, another problem you have which is insomnia, you can't sleep easily, you have to think at least one hour before you sleep, you are responsible and creative, you don't trust people easily that is why you like to do every thing by yourself, the best cure for you is to calm down and slow down things in your life, you don't have to carry the whole world on your shoulders.
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20.12.06 17:43

What kind of Drugs are you? and how that reflect your personality?

You are Alcohol (aka: beer, wine, liqour). You are loner, odd, have a beautiful personality but you don't know that because deep inside you feel numb, you have a lot of talents but you are afraid to show them. if you show your beauty in the right place and the right time every one will like you, just be sure every one are above 21 .
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*lol*, gut zu wissen xD
20.12.06 17:39

What is hot in you (your body, brain or soul) ?

BRAIN.girl you are smart. you know what you want and how to get are cautious when it comes to love cuz you don't want to get hurt, just relax and enjoy being yourself cuz you are really a UNIQUE person.
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das ich weiß was ich will und wie ich es bekomme halte ich fürn gerücht xD
20.12.06 17:35

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