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what r u???(prep,goth,punk\sk8r.......)

u r punk!! you dont care what people think about you and you love different hair love music that screams so you can let out your anger
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looooooooooool xD
laute mukke rulz x3
17.12.06 21:11

What Type of Person are you?

Bouncy and bubbly you like to dance, and well dance! ^^;; You have boundless energy and love the spotlight. You like to show people that you can move, groove and jump around for hours without getting tired or worn. Youre a bit of a klutz though, and you might want to lay off the sugar for a while. Oh*crash* and watch out for the step -_-
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zucker ftw :D
17.12.06 22:21

What type of SOUL are you

You are the hot-tempered, angry one. You tend to be confused on who you want to be, and you take things personally. You tend to be quick-tempered, and don't think before you say something.
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gar net wahr D: xDD~
17.12.06 22:27

What anime catgirl are you?

-Pet- You need attention and always know how to get it. You are very sweet and can get anyone one to get you what you want. Though curiosity did kill the cat!
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17.12.06 22:45

What do you look like on the inside?

Inside you are happy. You can usually always find something good in someone. You have lots of friends and are usually nice! You rarely find yourself depressed. I love happy people!
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scheiß optimisten :p
17.12.06 23:30

What month represents you

June represents you. You are fun and outgoing. You always come up with cool ideas and are the spark of conversations. When people are bored you can always think of something to do! You find that you are the center of attention a lot of the time.
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wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ xDD
17.12.06 23:40

What is your anime hair color? / What Color Are Your Anime Eyes?

Your anime hair color is purple.
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mhmm.. cool lila x3

Aqua -> Awww...look at the crazy head! You're totally awesome, you're extremly friendly, and you're REALLY nuts! You don't have a ton of buddies, but the ones you've got are excellent for you! You like anime and you'd be a really cute (pretty) character if you were in an anime!
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thx xD
18.12.06 00:04

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